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The Co-op "cut it's teeth" on the classic GMC motorhome built from 1973-78,   and after over 20 years of being in this business, we are still proud of the work we're doing to keep
this classic motorhome on the road and a viable option to spending big dollars for what today's RV community offers.  However, now the Co-op is taking in projects bringing other vintage RV's back to the road.

Airstream   Have have worked with several vintage Airstream products bringing them back to their previous glory.   

Argosy    We actually purchased one of these 20' coaches they were so interesting. 

Travco    This is a 1973 Travco we renovated, a very interesting classic.

Revcon   The classic Revcon has a devoted following eager to have their awesome vintage machine working well.  We have done mechanical as well as cosmetic updates on these coaches

Cabana    Proof positive we will work on about everything!   This coach was featured in the "Rock my RV" show on the Travel Channel.  A Dodge chassis, still it has classic lines and is a survivor of a day gone by.

So what do YOU have that you want to put back on the road? Give us a call


Of course, the GMC will still be our main work, here are a few of our past projects, go to our "Gallery" page for more.

The 26ft., 12,000 lb. Antique Hot Rod with plumbing!


full tilt

Big Dog

Bling-Bling (Roadrunner)

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Full Monty        Mighty Fine              Engine of Mischief     



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The Dream's Alive!  Cooperative Motor Works is an association of automotive artisans and GMC owners dedicated to the preservation, renovation, restoration and yes recycling of the classic front wheel drive GMC Motorhome built by General Motors from 1973-1978.  Whether for coach specific parts, information or advice, locating and evaluation of a coach or for full renovation services, we are here for you.  Come visit us at our facility in Orlando Florida or follow us here.  Join us and be a part of the co-op, we are here for you!

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Passive deploy, automatic fire suppression for your motorhome.  Fire is something we all should be prepared for.  No one is immune so take a look at Fire Fight Products. They offer these unique automatic fire suppression system plus hand held Halon1211 & Foam systems starting at $25.

Go to  www.firefightproducts.com for more information


The Co-op is on the "tube"

Yes, with all of the new technology available today, "Blackberries", "Blueberries" and assorted other fruits & vegetables at your fingertips today
on the internet, we here at the Co-op see a great opportunity to educate, communicate as well as entertain via this new technology.  So to that end, we have begun our own video show.  Yes, we are now talking to you not only by the written word, pictures but now live-- well, sorta-- it's recorded but still we hope it will be interesteing to you.  Go to our You Tube site and click on "Big Jim's Bus Hole".  Yea, I know it may be a partially sick title for a show but hey, it is a bit catchy!  Lets shorten it to a name "The Bus Hole Show". OK, for whatever reason here it is so we would like your suggestions on this new endeavor of ours so take a look.


The Co-op is also featured in a show airing on the Travel Channel named "Killer RV Upgrades"  .  They went out to the race track and we're drag racing motorhomes on national TV!   There is obviously interest in the vintage RV world and we're proud to be a part of it.  This season there will be a new show again on the Travel Channel called "Rock my RV" with Bret Michaels as host.  This show will further the interest and excitement us vintage RV enthusiasts already know about.  It's a way of life, it's a unique driving experience and it's just plain fun owning one of these classic machines and we're here to help.  S watch on the Travel Channel and probably more places for more exposure for our classic machines. 

You are welcome to contact us:

oAddress:               Cooperative Motor Works, inc.
                               5971 Anno Ave.
                               Orlando, Florida  32809

Toll free orders 877-ASK 4 GMC (275-4462)

Local phone for orders and FAX: 407-857-5777

o Tech Line and after hours321-299-5707

o Web site:  www.gmcco-op.com

Email: coopmotorworks@yahoo.com  for personal & business issues.


Where are we in Orlando Florida?   
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The 26 foot, 12,000 pound Antique Hot Rod with Plumbing -- GMC Motorhome