My Baby has been found!! Lost track of it and now we find it offered for sale!!!

This is an unbelievable machine, one off and you will never see one like this again!!

Started this page some time ago, let my put up some pics, I'll tell you about it all later.  Pics are below:

"23d" is a new dimension in RV travel

Is this a GMC?  Oh yes and so much more!

From it's humble beginnings to this prime example of what is possible with a GMC

As is the case with most of the machines we put together, the project started off with an idea and in this case the idea was how could a complete late model turbo diesel drive train be adapted to power a classic GMC.  Simply doing a "motor swap" is one thing, that idea by definition creates a "morphodite" machine that few mechanics would even look at for maintenance or repair.  No, this coach takes the idea of mating a complete late model drive train and chassis which any Workhorse trained mechanic can pull out the book and work with this machine.  This coach is actually and literally a mating of a leate model Workhorse LF-72 GM build Duramax turbo diesel motor, sporting an Allison 1000 5 speed transmission-- front wheel drive airport shuttle bus chassis  with a featherweight 1976 GMC 23' coach body on it's back!  Yep, what a combination!  And guys, what a project! 

I don;t mean to make this sound harsh but after building this machine, solving one impossibility after another, putting together a machine such as this is not for the weak of determination!  Mating these 2 major pieces together required processes never before attempted.  From stripping and redesigning of the original GMC body

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All I can say is "Bad--to--the--Bone"


The 26 foot, 12,000 pound Antique Hot Rod with Plumbing -- GMC Motorhome