World Land Speed Record

for Motorhomes

(From a fanciful idea, you dreamed first about it here, now it is reality)

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FRESH OFF THE WIRE:  Yesterday, September 16, 2006, The Dyno Sources land speed record coach powered with a 454 (not a 455) for the class "A" motorhome set a record of 102.76 MPH at Bonneville.  I'd like to congratulate Jim Rosenburgh on this and will post more particulars as I get them.

So now, the GMC is again the fastest Motorhome on the Planet!!!!

I understood from the "grapevine" that Jim Rosenburg from Dyno Sources had finished the build of his LSR GMC and was setting his sights on the Bonneville Salt Flats to grab the record.     While we are no longer dealers for their products and have no affiliation with them whatsoever, I'm still happy for the sake of the GMC community at large that he was successful in his attempt. 

It is great that Dyno Sources had the resources to invest in such an expensive endeavor.  Jim Rosenburgh (owner of Dyno Sources) explained to me some time ago that we had first spurred his interest in the project with this page on our site, I'm happy that we could be the spark that started the fire.

Then we had helped him procure a coach for the run here in Florida (when we were involved with Dyno Sources being their first dealer for their GMC products)-- paid to help him pick up the coach in the Florida Keys and paid for parts to have the coach brought up to travel condition for him to get it to Washington State.  I did not know that at the time, he had looked at that expense as investing in his LSR project and would have preferred him paying us for those services but that be as it is, I am still happy that he has followed through and the GMC community again has the bragging rights to being the fastest motorhome on the planet.  Good Job Jim and we are happy for the successes of the coach. 

Who at the Tampa Fire Department would have ever guessed that their decommissioned command center would have ever even been road worthy again.   The coach was picked up in the Florida Keys on Pine Island at Lionel Vargas place where we made repairs to get the coach to Orlando Yes, in the dark with flashlights was how that was done-- Thanks Lionel for the help   Then we drove the coach to Orlando on a white knuckle run with a hurting puppy Oh, don't you love that fuzzy steering wheel!    At our shop in Orlando, repairs were again made to stabilize the coach for the cross country run to Washington , note-- that is our shop and our tools being used by Dyno Sources Tech to work on their own coach-- he is not working on any of our stuff as was erroneously reported.  Half way home, the left wheel bearing went out and we shipped a complete knuckle assembly to them overnight to Texas (boy that was expensive!-- and on our nickel) so (a bit of background trivia) this is the coach you see above that made the record breaking run on the salt flats.  This Transmode was given a new lease on life and I am glad to see that, every coach is important and needs to be given care and attention. 

I guess maybe in a way I should look at the LSR record as partly ours being early on investors, thats fine.  (The road crew, thats me on the right, that retrieved the coach from the keys) Who else would invest in such a long out project-- are you kidding, we fancied the idea years ago hoping someone would pick up the torch--- someone did and I thank them for that.

Onward and upward, I would like for someone to help fund another run of a coach powered by an original 455 engine, to me that would be the true proof of our prowess.  Anyone out there game?  Give me a call.


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